Sunday, 30 December 2007

Murder on the mirror

In the wee hours of dawn,
Was her last glance of morn,
After a passionate night,
She dreaded the light.

The unshaken night, to her own disposal,
The air so dead, the air so dull,
Hand cuffed by sleep,
The darkness gave her license to creep.

Alas, I woke,
Before being completely blood-broke,
The beginning of the end to the bitter sweet involvement,
From the bed to the mirror, that’s how she went.
Bitter to me, sweet for her,
Taking over my body with complete lure.

Soft steps on the biting floor,
My spine felt a shiver before reaching the door.
A mouth wide open, and dreary eyes,
Scarlet fears didn't show as lies.

My eye met eye,
As she settled from her high.
Despite the all-nighter,
She was quite a fighter.

Hovering over my reflection,
With a superfluous sense of affection,
My blink didn't pass her,
In her case- Danger.

Gullible buzz trying for the mirror,
Insensitive to a murderer.
Before those wings could flap,
The me I saw got a slap.
In matter of minutes,
She was reduced to bits.

Scarring me in the dark,
Couldn't trespass as a lark,
Sunrise on my side,
Out in the open, nothing to hide.
She against me,
No referee,
I played her prey and she played mine,
Unaware of her predator in for crime.

Murder early morn,
And a million more born,
That’s the end of her tale,
With no funeral to hail.

Sunday, 9 December 2007

Take that sweater off boy!

This winter, our beautiful city of Bangalore is reminiscent of the frost of the 80's. "Brr.. its been touching 15° C in the day!" I'm the biggest fan of the cold, but I hate to tell all the double-sweater-frenzy-freaks out there, that 15° C doesn't classify as "Brr.. Cold weather".

Okay, if you think I'm some thick skinned girl out there who isn't affected by the Nor'easter, you're getting it wrong. All I'm trying to say is that this ain't no London City. 15° C is here for us to enjoy, embrace and enthrall with. Not to double up on our second skin. Er, not to strip down either. Well girls, you get concession here for another extra layer. Just one more. And boys,

I'm a chauvinist - sue me if you will - but I'm not supporting you on this one.

15° C is not cold enough for a boy to layer up. If you're really feeling that cold, what are we here for? Cuddles don't do harm, they just warm (This applies only for hot boys). And yeah, I know that sweaters look very hot on you boys and all that, but save them for a rainy day or maybe just follow the 5 point rule to sweaters.

Boys should wear sweaters only under these circumstances. So read on and register it.

1) If he's sick - I have a heart, the cold could really make you feel miserable, and besides, sniffing down my throat and mucus up your nose ain't much of a turn on, so rid that sickness outta here right now. You're fever can't get hotter than 105° C, that's too cold or an established 'hot', so sport that jacket on till then.

2) If he's only skin and bones - Your emaciated frame doesn't look hot when I can count the ribs down your m'riff. The sweater/jacket is only going to add some bulk and you desperately need to keep yourself from looking undernourished. Fat boys, you've got a natural sweater to keep you warm- blessed adipose.

3) If he's gay - It's just more acceptable. If he can hold hands with another guy and pass that off, sweaters can't fight that. Besides, a girl wouldn't part with her sweater if he asked for it.

4) If he's sad - If you've just gotten yourself dumped, or sad about something, you could just tell the world with that sweater of yours. When the heart's broken, the chill hits on it more. Its single. Get it? :P *sue me for bad jokes* And boys don't cry, they just wear jackets.

Also see; 3)

5) And of course, the sole purpose of a sweater - if its -30° C outside. My heart would need a sweater if I didn't let go on this one.

Well, you could disagree to agree with me and hate me for being chauvinist, but if the male race out there want to really prove their superiority, here's your chance. Be a man.

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Dear Santa,

Dear Santa,
I've been so good this year. With my grades, I haven't gone lower than a B-, I've been doing a lot of loving and I even helped underprivileged kids. I think I deserve a hot something for Christmas, or maybe more than a hot X'mas present. Well this might come across as greedy, but Santa, its the season to give right? This time, don't get a shock, the list might be longer than usual.
Let me get started with
my wish list before its too late, here it is:

1. Reactivate/Connect/Bring him back to life - Please Santa, you're my only hope. God also has either been way too busy lately or maybe he's pissed off with me for some reason, which I haven't found out yet. If Jake is on Mars, make sure he gets transferred back to Earth, If he's in America, fly him back home. *gets down on knees with folded hands* At least for Christmas? You can join us while we get high on spiked plum cake. Take whatever you want back Santa, just get him back!

2.Christmas Couture of course - With the forthcoming exams in my way, theres no way I'll be let out to go shopping. Although, I have a day off to party on Christmas eve, so that means, Princess E needs something new to wear obviously. Its this gorgeous, angelic, white, georgettey-chiffon dress with diamante straps I've been eyeing for a bit. Drop that into my goody bag please. Oh, and to make it to my third pair of silver diamante strappy stilettos, it would be appreciated if that went in too.

3.My drivers license - Its taking forever. Since Christmas is round the corner and I don't know how you do it, but you always manage to get everything done by the eve, please work your magic here too.

4.Love letters - perfumed and pink! [Oh, Santa, don't get thinking already, you're too old for me. I meant, get him to write them for me! :) ]

5.Diamonds! - What's Christmas without bling? This goes without saying anyway, but I consider your old age and fading memory. *sweet, ain't i?* Yeah, so drop more than a trinket in that stocking. After all, when a girl has no gay best friend, diamonds always stick up for her- A girls true best friend.

6.Jake - Or have I said that already?

Okai Santa, I feel guilty for asking for too much, so before I get on the guilt trip, I'll
stop. I know you never let me down. Ooooh, how I can't wait. This Christmas will be soo special. 21 days to go!

xoxo, Keep it hot,

P-cess, E

p.s: Don't forget Jake.

College Tutions

When sociology lessons make no sense, our minds tend to wander off to our near future. - College.
This is a note Chit (my moral police) wrote me. Its cute enough to share, so grab a laugh :)

Saturday, 6 October 2007

Lights! Camera'S, Action *pending*

On the eve of my 18th birthday bash, I totally cannot sleep and I presume that this piece of writing is just to satisfy me and keep me from frantically jumping around the house like a maniac *excitement outburst!* and not even a peek to my literary skills.

The guest list is marked, ticked and tattered! After all the confirmations, non-confirmations and "might attend" invitees! You guys who are making it are some lucky people out there, and the unlucky ones, I don't know how to feel sad for you, because its that tragic to miss Esha Hegde's partayyy.

Its all about Bikini's, Babes and BBQ! Well its surely going to be hotter than it sounds! *if that could be thought of* Wet bodies that groove to the moon beam, and hot Tikka's to accompany 'em. Well the hotboys playing footie in my head right now seem to be moving that ball too well. Boys, you'll are HOT. DO NOT CHANGE.

And ooh, hot, hot DJ. Hot, hot music. Lights, smoke, and a bunch of grinders! Need I say more?

15 hours to go! Its my night, its a blast.

Saturday, 25 August 2007


Thursday, 16 August 2007

Cry me some Chocolate

The dawn stood forever,
When I saw you clutch her,
One hapless gaze,
Faint, faint, oh, haze.

Ch: Can you sight me no more?
I lay here with a heart so sore.
Change this bewitched fate,
And cry me some chocolate,
Oh, cry me some chocolate.

The rain from my eyes,
Were those all lies?
For it burns with torment,
I kept you off the shelf, not to be lent.

Ch: Can you sight me no more?
I lay here with a heart so sore.
Change this bewitched fate,
And cry me some chocolate,
Oh, cry me some chocolate.

My hearts surely bent,
Do you have nothing to repent?
Show me fervour,
What ever happened to the lure?

Ch: Can you sight me no more?
I lay here with a heart so sore.
Change this bewitched fate,
And cry me some chocolate,
Oh, cry me some chocolate.

Melt away… Chocolate,
Not so bitter... Chocolate,
Sweeten my soul… Chocolate,
Love me... Chocolate,
Love me some more... Chocolate.

Chak De, India!

Ever seen a 60 year old oh-so-fit?
In-demand babe, a magnificent hit.
With her long make-over,
She's drowned more than one lover.
Never looked this charismatic,
Or seemed so energetic,
She continues to fly with colours so bright.
Her saffron glowing skin,
A pure white from within,
And the envious green,
Reflected by every other being,
Progression in every way,
No time to waste, no time to stray,
All hail India!
Oh, Chak de, India!

Happy Independence my fellow race-mates :)

Wednesday, 1 August 2007

My perfect guy *oxymoron*

I wish I could scratch this out and write one name out.

Don't strain those eyes, click on it doofus.

Tuesday, 31 July 2007

25 things.

"Make a list of 25 things that you want to do before you die. and keep it with you, wherever you go"
-author unknown

Found this post on another blog, thought I'd make a list too.

So here goes-

1)Talk to a shining star so far. (Okay, this is already sounding like a poem! Ugh!)
2)Get a diamond dust massage.
3)Drink the purest of water straight from a spring.
4)Learn to Salsa
5)Sit in a formula one racer's car.
6)Experience frozen rain.
7)Breakfast in Rome, Lunch in London and dinner in New York.
8)Sleep on clouds.
9)Dance to the song of moonlight.
10)Act in a movie.
11)Float in a bubble.
12)Touch hearts.
13)Save someones life.
14)Walk through a snow willow.
15)Be an idol.
16)Get lost in the dark with someone I love.
17)Ride a tiger.
18)Listen to the sunshine.
19)Kiss a baby's foot.
20)Right now, meet someone. (Sorry not gonna disclose that, that someone who reads this would know.)

25)Fly into the clouds and never return.

Leaving some for later. Theres so much more to even think about.

Monday, 30 July 2007

Once upon a time.. A thousand tanks.

We urbanites, very impressively, concerned about our environment suddenly sprang to take some action.

If you'll are still lost, Hebbal lake is undergoing a face-lift, well a bit more than that.

One of Bangalore's natural lake (not anymore) located in North Bangalore, having an area of 150 acres, is now bone dry.

On this ex-water body, a floating restaurant is soon to be set up. East India Hotels Ltd, the parent company of the Oberoi group, has bagged a contract from the Lake Development Authority in 2006 to “develop” the lake under a public-private partnership.

Oh, new place to chill out at? Yeah maybe. I study at a school where most of the students are against the upcoming of hotel at the now dried up lake. My concern is that why only Hebbal lake? Is it only for the aesthetic value of the lake that we are protesting to save it?


The Siddikatte Lake has now become the bustling City Market, Sampangi tank now houses the Kanteerava Sports Stadium, Dharmambudhi is now the busy Kempe Gowda Bus Stand, the Karanji tank is the Gandhi Bazar area, Kempambudhi is now a sewerage collection tank, Chennamma tank a burial ground, Akkithimmanahalli tank is the Corporation Hockey Stadium, Jakkarayanakere is also converted into a sports ground, and the Miller Tank area houses the Guru Nanak Bhavan, schools, and several buildings.

If the only comeback is going to be, we weren't born then to take action? Well there’s another lake towards Yelahanka which is being bought and soon going to be land-raised and Karnataka Chitra Kala Parishad is going to be built on it. I'm pretty sure there are other lakes too that will disappear before we even know it (or maybe we wouldn't).

I strongly feel that only since it’s in the press, there is such a hullabaloo about Hebbal lake. If your the true lake lover out there and is strongly hating me already, go ahead and take action on other shadowed lakes which have not yet entered the process of signed papers, because, trust me, once money is in, nothing will rule over, after all we dwell in a corrupt land.

p.s: Being a Bangalorean, losing another lake categorizes under monotony.


Tuesday, 22 May 2007

My Interrogation for Vision

Doomed with darkness,
Total Darkness,
My fingers raced down his head,
Soon down his back they begin to tread.
His wild musk aroma lingered through,
As his body grazed mine with a warm touch too.
The music of his heart,

Just told us we couldn't part.
With a gentle lean, he whispered,
"I'm yours, 'lone yours" his deep voice I heard.
My fifth sense hinted me,
That time would keep it me and he,
However content I feel,
I'm actually deprived in real.
An individual essential,
Which could make my existence come to real.
Add a zest to my life,
And efface my strife.
Without true perception,
How I wish i could see my reflection.
I crave for bright sight,
To feel the light,
To perceive some colour,
A dash of jade or a blot of yellow,

Its only and interrogation,
To bless me
with vision.


The thought of life, all of a sudden,
Seemed like a nightmare, and the reality hidden.
Where did truth, faith and sincerity go?
Berried with the bones of the old in the snow?
My brainwaves sometimes signal that these were immolated,
This notion to me can be highly debated.
Immolated? That means theres more in store?
My thoughts truly doubt it, if truth, faith and sincerity have walked out the door.

Monday, 21 May 2007

Horoscope or Horrorscope?

You may be facing a major crisis at this time. Only your own dedicated efforts will bring about any of these changes you’ve been hoping for. If you are secretly seeing someone a friend may ‘accidentally’ find out and not be able to keep it to herself. This month maybe a little slower than you would like it to be, but keep in mind that this is just a phase that will soon pass.

Sounds familiar? Well yeah, that was off a magazine from the horoscope page.

Read those sentences again, I mean, how diplomatic can one get? ‘Only your own dedicated efforts will bring about any of these changes you’ve been hoping for.’ Since when did someone else’s effort truly pay off for you?

Randomly a horoscope writer (if they call themselves that) just feels that ALL Librans will face a crisis at the same time? Is that even close to believable? We need some serious reality checks here.
And if you are a Libran who's going through a crisis
‘Oh, whatta coincidence!’

Its most common when optimistic things are written about you for the day/month, the human mind is such that it connects to things that have or are going to occur, simply because we are greedy for happiness. Who isn’t?

Another aspect horoscopes talk of is the attempted matchmaking stated. Ariens make good partners with Pisceans, so if your already married to a Taurean and leading a happy life and are convinced by horoscopes, your going to divorce your spouse and go Piscean hunting? Or are you going to live the rest of your life under the shadow of we’re-not-made-for-eachother-no-more. *boo hoo*

Well its another that draws itself down to the matter of faith, if it makes you happy to believe that random words strung together by a bored writer which coincidently might come true. Good luck with life.

In my opinion though, horoscopes are bits of pointless matter written to fill up empty spaces of a newspaper/magazine. They scare me. What are they doing to half the world that believes this baloney? Very scary.

p.s: No offense to jobless horoscope writers who can’t come up with better things to write about.

Thursday, 17 May 2007


This randomness gets to me often. It rides all the way from the Alps of Singapore where cockatoo’s that fly inside-out and cows with purple stripes dine with pig princesses and psychedelic pigeons. You should try eating with your toes, and always read Shakespeare with your eyes shut. This neat art resembles that of Taekwondoo which is equivalent to the yogic pleasure obtained while running upside down on the treadmill.

fi e’ruoy yllaer derob ekil em, uoy dluouhs yrt gnitirw sdrawkcab, ti yllaer spleh emit og tsap retsaf.

I heard a uncomplicated shade of fish essence that looked like an insane vegan feasting on wilted flowers and batter fried nails tried to attack apple tinted jars of tar with copper sulphate solution and speckled umbrellas. It often makes me curious to know how such comical things occur, sometimes I feel its because of the planetary changes that cracks codes of butter and oranges that need to be squeezed fresh. There is a distant proximity between picnic tables and light bulbs which causes severe insomnia to cameras and chilly beef.

.state sane my to back get and stop I time its manner serious very a in brain my to getting now is This

*Jumps up and down, wriggles and screams “hooperableduckifyaspectospluteriblecrankox!” *

Phew, I’m back.

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Faux Fag it

Flip your fag fixation; launder your lungs, Pursue your pleasure while you keep your health happy.

I was reading the STOI the other day and my eye happened to catch something that read “e-cigarette”. Living in a society of chimneys I made sure I read it and now blog it too.

It’s the Chinese again. The small eyed genius’ take a step to get smokers to stub out of the habit.

They’re new creation is an electronic cigarette, better known as the ‘e-cigarette’, which I quite thought should stand for eco-friendly cigarette. This make- do stick of nicotine has a face of a real cigarette, feels like one and keeps your lungs squeaky clean. For all those who couldn’t kill the craving, now smoke a cigarette without infecting your insides!
That’s what tech brings us by the day.

This battery operated gadget sits in your mouth just as a normal cigarette, glowing away, giving you the taste of nicotine, keeping your local smoke dump trash free. Finally, a perfect father’s day gift.

Willing to pay a whopping $208 for a ciggie? (Now don’t calculate how many you can buy out of that many bucks already.)
Wean yourself out of it, look on the bright side its not going to be cash to ash ever again.

So if you believe that nicotine is the sweetest taste on earth, get yourself a non-toxic fake cancer stick and begin your guilt free puffing.

Its All About the Rain

Its all about the rain,
Far flung from pain,
Beautiful bliss I feel,
Its all about the rain.

From sky to rock,
I hear her talk,
Softly she glistens on my skin,
Drops of ecstasy she holds within.

Wet at touch,
Never too much,
Its all about the rain.

Wide smiles upon faces,
With the freshness she embraces.
Invincible by birth,
Adept tempt by leaving us with dearth,
I need her immortal.
Its all about the rain.

Take me on,
Drench me down,
Slay me till tomorrow,
Mizzle on me forever.
All so granted,
'Coz its all about the rain.

Saturday, 12 May 2007

Cup Controversy '07

A simple game like cricket, involving a bat, a ball and some existence of using them, the thought of controversies or problem seems non- existent. But after all lets wake to reality- its an English game. Jokes apart, this cricket World cup ’07 played at the Caribbean coast has surely had mixed episodes of good, bad and some ugly ones too.
The positives and negatives are so extreme, some quite unimaginable.
Well getting to the point its been a long 47 days of joy, mourn, good cricket and horribly bad cricket too. A few happenings drew my attention significantly.

To begin with the bad, Bob Woolmer, 59, a former South African player and was the current coach for Pakistan was murdered after the shocking elimination of his team. Although many thought he committed suicide or died of shock, it was reported that he was found unconscious in the Kingston hotel room. He was later pronounced dead at a hospital.
There was a twist in the tale when there were rumors about Pakistan’s bowling coach, Mushtaq Ahmed passing poisoned champagne bottles to the late coach Woolmer.
The PCB suffered a sad loss of an excellent coach and a pure and humble soul.

RIP Bob.

Moving all the way to the World Cup final, the most awaited match, the Aussies created magic again. But this time their magic wasn’t as pure. It was seen that Australia’s highest scorer, Adam Gilchrist was found using a squash ball in his left glove during his play. This acted as a batting aid by preventing the bat to turn in his hand and enhanced the elevation of the bat. This was seen when Gilchrist smacked 8 splendid sixes and 13 boundary belters giving him a total of an accelerating 149.

Obviously the Srilankan’s complained, saying that the use of additional aids ruins the spirit and tradition of the game. But the MCC saw no wrong and approved of it.
Well its too late to complain, the cups gone down under and it has no plans of rising back up.

This World Cup brought out some great talent and entertainment too. A few events such as Herschelle Gibbs 6 sixes of an over and Srilankan speedster Malinga’s 4 wickets of 4 delivery’s literally made us jump out of our seats. And to top it off Australia’s three consecutive World Cup victories. Truly unbelievable.

Last but not least, Goodbye’s are to be said sooner or later. This World Cup we have some really commendable performers retire. Starting of with Inzamam Ul Haq retiring as captain, (Aloo, we’ll miss the “Bismillah-ur-Rehman-ur-Raheem”) and New Zealand skipper Stephen Fleming too.
The King of Caribbean cricket, Brian Charles Lara, and the workhorse for the Aussies, Glenn McGrath have also bid goodbye to the game.

“Come Play!” the World Cup caption I thought was taken a bit too seriously! The game of fate along with the play of cricket took a great turn this time. Wonder what’s in store for the next?

p.s: I am an Indian supporter/fan. The reason I didn’t mention the name of our motherland was because our appalling performance will a) make this post walk its way to the censor board and b) make it boring. It’s broadcasted enough to be read once more. All I hope for is the cup back home next World cup.

Acknowledgments : Avanish Hegde and Sandil Srinivasan for helping me with the factual information.

Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Race it refined

Key it in. Rotate 90º E. Kick the accelerator. Fly.

I’m quite late at this, but yeah Honda has launched her recently, she is suave, smooth and powerful, making her debut in India, she’s called Civic. Oh so Civic.

Carries herself with debonair, the look of a mighty face, sleek body and a firm ass, the car is gem-like. Paint her a mighty black, pimp white, slate grey, subtle silver, sky blue or a cherry red she’s a beauty in every colour, every angle.

Like any other normal car, she has four exits, but her other features are surely enhanced. Starting with the striking deck that pumps volume like sub-woofers do, to the blue lit up oh-so-cool digital speed-o-meter she finishes of with a touch of tech.

As for the safety, to prevent locking of wheels during braking, avoiding skids and giving you a good control over the steering wheel, an Anti-lock braking system is loaded.
If you have plans of crashing up you have soft airbags to comfort you while your in a mess.

The car is as its slogan talks- Pure Exhilaration. If you really want style, luxury and perfection put together, Voila! The Honda Civic is the ideal deal for you.

She was too good to resist, so a lovely red cherry sits in my garage. She’s mine.
What you waiting for? Go get yours.

Wednesday morning, Anjuna Beach, Goa.
Yes, that’s right, I’m talking ‘bout the flea market where cars, children and cows rattle around. From fake tee’s and colourful beads to antiques and shoes, they have it all.

38ºC, Sunny boy’s on your back making you melt, tan and making you want to take the first flight to Alaska. Once you cast your eyes on the vivid show of shops, get ready for a super adrenaline rush. Your feet want to step on every inch of that land while your eyes feast on the variety of colours, shapes, and sizes of different articles you want to pick up.

The endless shops of bright chromatic beads and clothes were my favourite. Big, small, chunky , plain or multi-coloured you name it they have it. Me, a born shopaholic, splurged my way through all along. It was definite that I’d have luggage problems, Umm.. My luggage problem--> I ended up holding 6 extra plastic bags as hand baggage. Yeah that’s me, I’ll shop till I drop. And I mean it.

Anyway back to the talk of the psychedelic shopping spot, this place is made of no cement, motar and brick, all these petty shops are held by sticks and blue plastic sheets or traditional thatched roofs as temporary make- do outlets, probably with a notion of ‘ I-don’t-care- ‘bout-how-my-shop-looks-I-got-some-real-good stuff-to-sell-you.’
Well it works for them and seems to be working for me as well. So what the heck?

The items you buy vary in price, of course according to its composition. If you’re skin happens to be white, don’t be surprised to go home with a hole in your pocket, because those guys behind the beads sure know who to target, a.k.a. The rich holidayers who are half naked dying for a tan usually belonging to the Hommie sect.

On the other hand if you’re a chilled out brownie, don’t hesitate on using /practicing your bargaining skills and tactics. If you’re really good at it, you can take the test by making your way to a whole new outfit at half a grand. Yep, Head to toe, Hat to boot. Don’t think its possible? I did it.
Tip: Begin by quoting half the price.

Baking in the sun as well, the shopkeepers are well aware of pissed-off-at-the-heat customers and before they’re left with nothing sensibly slash down their prices, keeping both parties at glee.

So pull up your shorts, well yeah you could go without them if you wanted and get to Goa ASAP.
Even if you detest shopping *super-sin* and thought my blog was a waste of time, Goa IS the place to be. Fly away.

Keep Me Colourblind

My first attempt at a song, this is officially now Bunk 14's. Rock it boys.

Keep Me Colourblind.

Strike me with a white crayon,
And only black still lives unborn.
Let my Mondays Grey,
Taking me into a dead black Saturday,
Maybe an optimistic white Sunday morn,
My life needs no colour, free me forlorn,

Oh, keep me colourblind,
With no happiness to find,
Devoid of hue,
One and the same without you.

I see no pretty skies,
With no answers to my whys.
I only feel the blue,
Yes, that’s life without hue,
Without you.


The hazel in your eye,
Has said its long goodbye,
You took yourself away,
How I wish you'd stay.


Those drops of sunshine,
You were so pretty mine,
A sudden splash of sapphire, A blot of jade,
Those memories will never fade.