Sunday, 9 December 2007

Take that sweater off boy!

This winter, our beautiful city of Bangalore is reminiscent of the frost of the 80's. "Brr.. its been touching 15° C in the day!" I'm the biggest fan of the cold, but I hate to tell all the double-sweater-frenzy-freaks out there, that 15° C doesn't classify as "Brr.. Cold weather".

Okay, if you think I'm some thick skinned girl out there who isn't affected by the Nor'easter, you're getting it wrong. All I'm trying to say is that this ain't no London City. 15° C is here for us to enjoy, embrace and enthrall with. Not to double up on our second skin. Er, not to strip down either. Well girls, you get concession here for another extra layer. Just one more. And boys,

I'm a chauvinist - sue me if you will - but I'm not supporting you on this one.

15° C is not cold enough for a boy to layer up. If you're really feeling that cold, what are we here for? Cuddles don't do harm, they just warm (This applies only for hot boys). And yeah, I know that sweaters look very hot on you boys and all that, but save them for a rainy day or maybe just follow the 5 point rule to sweaters.

Boys should wear sweaters only under these circumstances. So read on and register it.

1) If he's sick - I have a heart, the cold could really make you feel miserable, and besides, sniffing down my throat and mucus up your nose ain't much of a turn on, so rid that sickness outta here right now. You're fever can't get hotter than 105° C, that's too cold or an established 'hot', so sport that jacket on till then.

2) If he's only skin and bones - Your emaciated frame doesn't look hot when I can count the ribs down your m'riff. The sweater/jacket is only going to add some bulk and you desperately need to keep yourself from looking undernourished. Fat boys, you've got a natural sweater to keep you warm- blessed adipose.

3) If he's gay - It's just more acceptable. If he can hold hands with another guy and pass that off, sweaters can't fight that. Besides, a girl wouldn't part with her sweater if he asked for it.

4) If he's sad - If you've just gotten yourself dumped, or sad about something, you could just tell the world with that sweater of yours. When the heart's broken, the chill hits on it more. Its single. Get it? :P *sue me for bad jokes* And boys don't cry, they just wear jackets.

Also see; 3)

5) And of course, the sole purpose of a sweater - if its -30° C outside. My heart would need a sweater if I didn't let go on this one.

Well, you could disagree to agree with me and hate me for being chauvinist, but if the male race out there want to really prove their superiority, here's your chance. Be a man.

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Picture Perfect ? said...

esha, im a chauvinist too!!! :) i agree with the 5 points. I somehow have the feeling that boys who read this, and are wearing a sweater, will take it off.

ChronicP!nk said...

In that case, I don't think many of them are reading this.

dpfromcanberra said...

howdy chronicpink,
u r absolutely correct, 15 degrees is not cold, infact for me it would be a pleasent day for a picnic. Come to canberra, winter here is day 3 degrees and night is -3 , well I call this winter...

enjoy u r summer ...cos its winter here ...

brrrrrrrrrr.... dpfromcanberra