Saturday, 6 October 2007

Lights! Camera'S, Action *pending*

On the eve of my 18th birthday bash, I totally cannot sleep and I presume that this piece of writing is just to satisfy me and keep me from frantically jumping around the house like a maniac *excitement outburst!* and not even a peek to my literary skills.

The guest list is marked, ticked and tattered! After all the confirmations, non-confirmations and "might attend" invitees! You guys who are making it are some lucky people out there, and the unlucky ones, I don't know how to feel sad for you, because its that tragic to miss Esha Hegde's partayyy.

Its all about Bikini's, Babes and BBQ! Well its surely going to be hotter than it sounds! *if that could be thought of* Wet bodies that groove to the moon beam, and hot Tikka's to accompany 'em. Well the hotboys playing footie in my head right now seem to be moving that ball too well. Boys, you'll are HOT. DO NOT CHANGE.

And ooh, hot, hot DJ. Hot, hot music. Lights, smoke, and a bunch of grinders! Need I say more?

15 hours to go! Its my night, its a blast.