Wednesday, 23 January 2008

L o v e . f i n d i n g s

Sometimes when you are in love.. or rather when love is in you, when it over takes all you have and you see no other but that one person. That same one person sits in your head all day- when you wake, when you step, when you dream. When every breath is being bound with that one person in your heart. Soon it begins to gain monotonous momentum but you’re so lost in it, you can’t even tell. When you can presumably begin to tell is when it all comes crashing down. Down, down... too much of a fall. Never like before, inducing pain slowly causing a breakdown of hydraulic forces. Drowning with thoughts, in an ocean so vast of instincts, perceptions and delusions.

Perceptions… the things I see, are they really what they are?

When you’re inebriated by love, you see nothing else, and believe the best of what a belief can be. It’s something so special. It’s food for the heart- Intoxicating, warm and highly invigorating. Analogous to a dollop of hot chocolate that stays on your tongue, slowly melting until all your senses are aroused, leaving the flavour to last forever.

Just as too much chocolate is bad for your bod, this imaginary love fluid your heart has been downing is no good if one fine day you wake to reality. However, the recipe for it is seasonal.

Love Fluid

Ingredients: A handful of unknown smiles with raison d'ĂȘtre
Perception in felicity- to taste.

Method: Cream the mixture slowly until smooth in texture, close eyes, dip finger in batter, lick, smile, and wonder why.

This love fluid that I have been feeding on, in simple decoded diction, is just an image crafted by one’s self. It’s an effortless mental picture of the person that resides in your head. It may or may not be in sync with the person. Usually it’s your own belief; it’s an image that you create for that one soul, who you limitlessly infuse with love.

It tastes quite depressing when your bubble suddenly bursts to reality; because you then realize how lost in love you are and that you’ve been loving that image you’ve created by unconsciously forgetting the veracity of the person you began to love. The image remains the same; rain, sun or snow; nothing can overpower this notion in your head.

The person then just becomes an entity, an entity that just gave the Utopian picture in your head life- real existence. Enthralling you from within, making you want to embrace every little detail so that you can never feel devoid of that aura created by that person image.

Did I love the wrong person? Was it really him that I loved?

Monday, 21 January 2008

Winter be gone.

Winter is winding up; it’s been a harsh one on our skin this time. I’d like to acknowledge my dear darling necessities for keeping my outsides supple as ever.

With the talk of dry, flaky and chapped exteriors, count me out on it.
My ever-loyal, skin loving, two things I absolutely can’t do without, have made me love them more this January!

Soft, glowing, radiant skin in winter is something only achievable with pan-caked layers? You’re getting it wrong; let me introduce you to the duo that works so well together.

Vaseline- Lip therapy with Aloe Vera and the Aloe Vera Body Butter from M&S, two that totally heed your skin.

The Vaseline Lip therapy- This economical pocket sized wonder, is a smooth yet thick textured jelly lured with a hint of aloe.
Just a dab a tad on your index and slide over your lips, before you can lick, you’d have forgotten what chapped lips are.

It works great as a base under lipstick, and as well as a lip gloss too, that takes care of your lips while soothing the dryness out of them.

It just says lip therapy on it, but there’s no harm in exploring a bit is there? Well let me fill you in on some tips;

-For your cuticles, it’s like a 5 minute manicure!

-If you’ve lost your eyebrow pencil, don’t be scared to smear some on!

-Try taking a cotton swab and using it as a base coat for mascara and you’re lashes won’t fall out before you know it!

Lastly, this is one of my secrets I’m willing to share; it’s on par with the Garnier Pimple Control Pen as well!

This Vaseline is not just another lip balm! Apart from the aloe in it, this Norwegian petroleum jelly is to swear by!

As for the body butter, it’s a natural green floral fragrance with cucumber and aloe vera blended with traditional water fruits and flowers. This luxurious body butter puts any other moisturizer out of business.

Tip: It works best on moist skin.

These two body basics, saviors and friends in need, do wonders and make you want to fall in love with yourself (again!) I think it’s the aloe that’s the complete turn on, or maybe it’s just me for being the biggest aloe fan.

Kissable lips and ‘googly woogly woosh’ cheeks, it’s the best that can happen to your husk.

If you still are in the era where diamonds are girls’ best friend, you haven’t met these smoothers yet. Oh and boys, don’t hesitate either, ‘cause I have already made some of my lads pick it up! Equip yourself for winter ‘08 and feel it to believe it!

My new Fetish. Rawr..

Disclaimer: The content that is being presented is purely only of imitation and not in favour of animal culling. Animal activists, go find someone else to cull.

The prints are on the prowl and looking wilder than ever. Whether its acknowledging a zebra or a big cat, the white and black, or the glowing orange, nothing speaks like a sexy animal print.

No doubt it looks better on a majestic tabby, or a coy looking mule, its harmless if we like to remember them once in a while is it?
When they're hibernating, (although only bears and co. hibernate) just to keep the animal spirit high, these prints are the sweetest aid to doing it.

When you're in for something 'wild', why go to a poorly maintained zoo to see the beasts suffering? Rather just open your wardrobe and strut something on yourself!

A friend of mine the other day, (who hates animal print) called it plagiarism. It was a funny thought at first, but really quite the truth. A tiger should have the all rights to go patent his/her print. But then again, born speechless, let alone claiming rights, they can't possibly even flash a thought.
Well, this is my bit to them -

Dear Animal,
Your appearance has influenced me so much and I love the way you look. You're the trend setter and I take no credit for it. *pinky promise*

Love, Someone who loves your look.

I know thats not going to reach them, but I'm sure they feel loved and looked up at when they see a superior race looking like them.

Don't have a wild side? Want one? Just wear one.

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Caffeinated thoughts

As the season closes up, I decided on my last cup for the cold. Just the way I have it, no different. Sugarless and light.

Strangely so, the bitterness in this cup was never harsher on my palate.
My usual coffee, devoid of sugar that oddly tastes sweeter on another day, was biting bitter. The bitterness spread from my tongue and engulfed me with an aura that sensed the same.

I slowly sipped the hot toxic, feeling every bit of it, burn on my lip, the stub on my tongue, and a pre heat 180° C. Freezing this moment of the furnace down my gulp I let my thoughts run.

It didn’t make me stop. The heat just got to me. Stimulated me.

I always wondered why this stimulating bitter was so un-liked. Now, I felt it. Drawn away from the sugar this time, it was almost sympathetically similar to when a little child’s lollipop drops on to the floor and shatters in to splinters.

The craving rolled along, the caramelized desire felt me now.
Attention: Sweet tooth activation.

Something so simple, yet so complicated, a sugar-less coffee and a sugar-free life.

Well, as my mind clock ticks, it's not all sugar and spice and everything nice- Acceptance of things you can’t change, and no attempts to change things you can’t accept.

Change. We don't like it. We fear it. But we can't stop it from coming. We either adapt to change or we get left behind. It hurts to grow, everyone who tells you it doesn't is lying. But here's the truth, sometimes, the more things change, the more they stay the same. And sometimes, oh sometimes change is good. Sometimes, change is everything. - Greys Anatomy

As the coffee level drops, I preserve a memory of the cup as stained as my soul, something that will keep jabbing at my heart for sure, which I am made to reluctantly accept and wash out.

The bitter taste should soon drown in a few more sips of water. The water-works had begun well in advance, and I knew that there wouldn’t be a shortage.

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Love me for when I'm here

Don't let me lose you,
I wonder what you'll do,
When you turn to your side,
And theres no one to abide.

Love me for when I'm here,
Just so close, just so near,
Love me in the moment,
I'm not here to be lent.
Love me for when I'm here,
Because its my only fear,
That when I'm gone,
I don't want to see you torn.

Pause that life, say stop.
Think again and put me on top,
I'm missing some loving I want,
Look at me and free me from daunt.

I'm scared for you darling,
The big bad world, can only sting,
And when you look out,
I don't want to ever see you in doubt.

Pause that life, say stop.
Think again and put me on top,
I'm missing some love I want,
Look at me and free me from daunt.

Its love now, or love never,
Instincts force me to stay forever,
Its true that I miss your smile,
Neither have I seen mine in a while.

Pause that life, say stop.
Think again and put me on top,
I'm missing some loving I want,
Look at me and free me from daunt.

Love me for when I'm here,
Just so close, just so near,
Love me in the moment,
I'm not here to be lent.
Love me for when I'm here,
Because its my only fear,
That when I'm gone,
I don't want to see you torn.

Unlock my smile,
Don't take a while,
Get here on time fast enough,
Smoothen me out, relieve the rough.

Pause that life, say stop.
Think again and put me on top,
I'm missing some loving I want,
Look at me and free me from daunt.