Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Keep Me Colourblind

My first attempt at a song, this is officially now Bunk 14's. Rock it boys.

Keep Me Colourblind.

Strike me with a white crayon,
And only black still lives unborn.
Let my Mondays Grey,
Taking me into a dead black Saturday,
Maybe an optimistic white Sunday morn,
My life needs no colour, free me forlorn,

Oh, keep me colourblind,
With no happiness to find,
Devoid of hue,
One and the same without you.

I see no pretty skies,
With no answers to my whys.
I only feel the blue,
Yes, that’s life without hue,
Without you.


The hazel in your eye,
Has said its long goodbye,
You took yourself away,
How I wish you'd stay.


Those drops of sunshine,
You were so pretty mine,
A sudden splash of sapphire, A blot of jade,
Those memories will never fade.


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