Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Race it refined

Key it in. Rotate 90º E. Kick the accelerator. Fly.

I’m quite late at this, but yeah Honda has launched her recently, she is suave, smooth and powerful, making her debut in India, she’s called Civic. Oh so Civic.

Carries herself with debonair, the look of a mighty face, sleek body and a firm ass, the car is gem-like. Paint her a mighty black, pimp white, slate grey, subtle silver, sky blue or a cherry red she’s a beauty in every colour, every angle.

Like any other normal car, she has four exits, but her other features are surely enhanced. Starting with the striking deck that pumps volume like sub-woofers do, to the blue lit up oh-so-cool digital speed-o-meter she finishes of with a touch of tech.

As for the safety, to prevent locking of wheels during braking, avoiding skids and giving you a good control over the steering wheel, an Anti-lock braking system is loaded.
If you have plans of crashing up you have soft airbags to comfort you while your in a mess.

The car is as its slogan talks- Pure Exhilaration. If you really want style, luxury and perfection put together, Voila! The Honda Civic is the ideal deal for you.

She was too good to resist, so a lovely red cherry sits in my garage. She’s mine.
What you waiting for? Go get yours.

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Samit said...

Hhmmm.. You seem to be in love with the Civic. U should check out the Skoda Laura. Its a notch higher, according to me.. Its unfair to compare the two, since they belong to different segments. But, still........