Tuesday, 22 May 2007

My Interrogation for Vision

Doomed with darkness,
Total Darkness,
My fingers raced down his head,
Soon down his back they begin to tread.
His wild musk aroma lingered through,
As his body grazed mine with a warm touch too.
The music of his heart,

Just told us we couldn't part.
With a gentle lean, he whispered,
"I'm yours, 'lone yours" his deep voice I heard.
My fifth sense hinted me,
That time would keep it me and he,
However content I feel,
I'm actually deprived in real.
An individual essential,
Which could make my existence come to real.
Add a zest to my life,
And efface my strife.
Without true perception,
How I wish i could see my reflection.
I crave for bright sight,
To feel the light,
To perceive some colour,
A dash of jade or a blot of yellow,

Its only and interrogation,
To bless me
with vision.

4 anything but sweet nothings::

Janessa said...

is this poetry a result of reading too many mills and boons? :)
nicely written though

Aruna Chittiappa said...

Ive been there.

unforgiven said...

Vision can be unhealthy. Darkness is safer.

TheCruisemaniac said...


Noticed that you'd tagged my post about the iphone on your friends scrap on orkut...


Firstly, thanks...
Secondly, why???