Tuesday, 8 May 2007


Wednesday morning, Anjuna Beach, Goa.
Yes, that’s right, I’m talking ‘bout the flea market where cars, children and cows rattle around. From fake tee’s and colourful beads to antiques and shoes, they have it all.

38ºC, Sunny boy’s on your back making you melt, tan and making you want to take the first flight to Alaska. Once you cast your eyes on the vivid show of shops, get ready for a super adrenaline rush. Your feet want to step on every inch of that land while your eyes feast on the variety of colours, shapes, and sizes of different articles you want to pick up.

The endless shops of bright chromatic beads and clothes were my favourite. Big, small, chunky , plain or multi-coloured you name it they have it. Me, a born shopaholic, splurged my way through all along. It was definite that I’d have luggage problems, Umm.. My luggage problem--> I ended up holding 6 extra plastic bags as hand baggage. Yeah that’s me, I’ll shop till I drop. And I mean it.

Anyway back to the talk of the psychedelic shopping spot, this place is made of no cement, motar and brick, all these petty shops are held by sticks and blue plastic sheets or traditional thatched roofs as temporary make- do outlets, probably with a notion of ‘ I-don’t-care- ‘bout-how-my-shop-looks-I-got-some-real-good stuff-to-sell-you.’
Well it works for them and seems to be working for me as well. So what the heck?

The items you buy vary in price, of course according to its composition. If you’re skin happens to be white, don’t be surprised to go home with a hole in your pocket, because those guys behind the beads sure know who to target, a.k.a. The rich holidayers who are half naked dying for a tan usually belonging to the Hommie sect.

On the other hand if you’re a chilled out brownie, don’t hesitate on using /practicing your bargaining skills and tactics. If you’re really good at it, you can take the test by making your way to a whole new outfit at half a grand. Yep, Head to toe, Hat to boot. Don’t think its possible? I did it.
Tip: Begin by quoting half the price.

Baking in the sun as well, the shopkeepers are well aware of pissed-off-at-the-heat customers and before they’re left with nothing sensibly slash down their prices, keeping both parties at glee.

So pull up your shorts, well yeah you could go without them if you wanted and get to Goa ASAP.
Even if you detest shopping *super-sin* and thought my blog was a waste of time, Goa IS the place to be. Fly away.

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