Saturday, 12 May 2007

Cup Controversy '07

A simple game like cricket, involving a bat, a ball and some existence of using them, the thought of controversies or problem seems non- existent. But after all lets wake to reality- its an English game. Jokes apart, this cricket World cup ’07 played at the Caribbean coast has surely had mixed episodes of good, bad and some ugly ones too.
The positives and negatives are so extreme, some quite unimaginable.
Well getting to the point its been a long 47 days of joy, mourn, good cricket and horribly bad cricket too. A few happenings drew my attention significantly.

To begin with the bad, Bob Woolmer, 59, a former South African player and was the current coach for Pakistan was murdered after the shocking elimination of his team. Although many thought he committed suicide or died of shock, it was reported that he was found unconscious in the Kingston hotel room. He was later pronounced dead at a hospital.
There was a twist in the tale when there were rumors about Pakistan’s bowling coach, Mushtaq Ahmed passing poisoned champagne bottles to the late coach Woolmer.
The PCB suffered a sad loss of an excellent coach and a pure and humble soul.

RIP Bob.

Moving all the way to the World Cup final, the most awaited match, the Aussies created magic again. But this time their magic wasn’t as pure. It was seen that Australia’s highest scorer, Adam Gilchrist was found using a squash ball in his left glove during his play. This acted as a batting aid by preventing the bat to turn in his hand and enhanced the elevation of the bat. This was seen when Gilchrist smacked 8 splendid sixes and 13 boundary belters giving him a total of an accelerating 149.

Obviously the Srilankan’s complained, saying that the use of additional aids ruins the spirit and tradition of the game. But the MCC saw no wrong and approved of it.
Well its too late to complain, the cups gone down under and it has no plans of rising back up.

This World Cup brought out some great talent and entertainment too. A few events such as Herschelle Gibbs 6 sixes of an over and Srilankan speedster Malinga’s 4 wickets of 4 delivery’s literally made us jump out of our seats. And to top it off Australia’s three consecutive World Cup victories. Truly unbelievable.

Last but not least, Goodbye’s are to be said sooner or later. This World Cup we have some really commendable performers retire. Starting of with Inzamam Ul Haq retiring as captain, (Aloo, we’ll miss the “Bismillah-ur-Rehman-ur-Raheem”) and New Zealand skipper Stephen Fleming too.
The King of Caribbean cricket, Brian Charles Lara, and the workhorse for the Aussies, Glenn McGrath have also bid goodbye to the game.

“Come Play!” the World Cup caption I thought was taken a bit too seriously! The game of fate along with the play of cricket took a great turn this time. Wonder what’s in store for the next?

p.s: I am an Indian supporter/fan. The reason I didn’t mention the name of our motherland was because our appalling performance will a) make this post walk its way to the censor board and b) make it boring. It’s broadcasted enough to be read once more. All I hope for is the cup back home next World cup.

Acknowledgments : Avanish Hegde and Sandil Srinivasan for helping me with the factual information.

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