Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Dear Santa,

Dear Santa,
I've been so good this year. With my grades, I haven't gone lower than a B-, I've been doing a lot of loving and I even helped underprivileged kids. I think I deserve a hot something for Christmas, or maybe more than a hot X'mas present. Well this might come across as greedy, but Santa, its the season to give right? This time, don't get a shock, the list might be longer than usual.
Let me get started with
my wish list before its too late, here it is:

1. Reactivate/Connect/Bring him back to life - Please Santa, you're my only hope. God also has either been way too busy lately or maybe he's pissed off with me for some reason, which I haven't found out yet. If Jake is on Mars, make sure he gets transferred back to Earth, If he's in America, fly him back home. *gets down on knees with folded hands* At least for Christmas? You can join us while we get high on spiked plum cake. Take whatever you want back Santa, just get him back!

2.Christmas Couture of course - With the forthcoming exams in my way, theres no way I'll be let out to go shopping. Although, I have a day off to party on Christmas eve, so that means, Princess E needs something new to wear obviously. Its this gorgeous, angelic, white, georgettey-chiffon dress with diamante straps I've been eyeing for a bit. Drop that into my goody bag please. Oh, and to make it to my third pair of silver diamante strappy stilettos, it would be appreciated if that went in too.

3.My drivers license - Its taking forever. Since Christmas is round the corner and I don't know how you do it, but you always manage to get everything done by the eve, please work your magic here too.

4.Love letters - perfumed and pink! [Oh, Santa, don't get thinking already, you're too old for me. I meant, get him to write them for me! :) ]

5.Diamonds! - What's Christmas without bling? This goes without saying anyway, but I consider your old age and fading memory. *sweet, ain't i?* Yeah, so drop more than a trinket in that stocking. After all, when a girl has no gay best friend, diamonds always stick up for her- A girls true best friend.

6.Jake - Or have I said that already?

Okai Santa, I feel guilty for asking for too much, so before I get on the guilt trip, I'll
stop. I know you never let me down. Ooooh, how I can't wait. This Christmas will be soo special. 21 days to go!

xoxo, Keep it hot,

P-cess, E

p.s: Don't forget Jake.

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