Thursday, 17 May 2007


This randomness gets to me often. It rides all the way from the Alps of Singapore where cockatoo’s that fly inside-out and cows with purple stripes dine with pig princesses and psychedelic pigeons. You should try eating with your toes, and always read Shakespeare with your eyes shut. This neat art resembles that of Taekwondoo which is equivalent to the yogic pleasure obtained while running upside down on the treadmill.

fi e’ruoy yllaer derob ekil em, uoy dluouhs yrt gnitirw sdrawkcab, ti yllaer spleh emit og tsap retsaf.

I heard a uncomplicated shade of fish essence that looked like an insane vegan feasting on wilted flowers and batter fried nails tried to attack apple tinted jars of tar with copper sulphate solution and speckled umbrellas. It often makes me curious to know how such comical things occur, sometimes I feel its because of the planetary changes that cracks codes of butter and oranges that need to be squeezed fresh. There is a distant proximity between picnic tables and light bulbs which causes severe insomnia to cameras and chilly beef.

.state sane my to back get and stop I time its manner serious very a in brain my to getting now is This

*Jumps up and down, wriggles and screams “hooperableduckifyaspectospluteriblecrankox!” *

Phew, I’m back.

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i luv draco said...

this is my favorite article till now.. i absolutely LOVE it :)

ChronicP!nk said...

Haha, its such nonsense, literally :P