Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Faux Fag it

Flip your fag fixation; launder your lungs, Pursue your pleasure while you keep your health happy.

I was reading the STOI the other day and my eye happened to catch something that read “e-cigarette”. Living in a society of chimneys I made sure I read it and now blog it too.

It’s the Chinese again. The small eyed genius’ take a step to get smokers to stub out of the habit.

They’re new creation is an electronic cigarette, better known as the ‘e-cigarette’, which I quite thought should stand for eco-friendly cigarette. This make- do stick of nicotine has a face of a real cigarette, feels like one and keeps your lungs squeaky clean. For all those who couldn’t kill the craving, now smoke a cigarette without infecting your insides!
That’s what tech brings us by the day.

This battery operated gadget sits in your mouth just as a normal cigarette, glowing away, giving you the taste of nicotine, keeping your local smoke dump trash free. Finally, a perfect father’s day gift.

Willing to pay a whopping $208 for a ciggie? (Now don’t calculate how many you can buy out of that many bucks already.)
Wean yourself out of it, look on the bright side its not going to be cash to ash ever again.

So if you believe that nicotine is the sweetest taste on earth, get yourself a non-toxic fake cancer stick and begin your guilt free puffing.

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