Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Its All About the Rain

Its all about the rain,
Far flung from pain,
Beautiful bliss I feel,
Its all about the rain.

From sky to rock,
I hear her talk,
Softly she glistens on my skin,
Drops of ecstasy she holds within.

Wet at touch,
Never too much,
Its all about the rain.

Wide smiles upon faces,
With the freshness she embraces.
Invincible by birth,
Adept tempt by leaving us with dearth,
I need her immortal.
Its all about the rain.

Take me on,
Drench me down,
Slay me till tomorrow,
Mizzle on me forever.
All so granted,
'Coz its all about the rain.

2 anything but sweet nothings::

Jay said...

Now who doesnt love it when it rains?

Anonymous said...

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