Monday, 21 May 2007

Horoscope or Horrorscope?

You may be facing a major crisis at this time. Only your own dedicated efforts will bring about any of these changes you’ve been hoping for. If you are secretly seeing someone a friend may ‘accidentally’ find out and not be able to keep it to herself. This month maybe a little slower than you would like it to be, but keep in mind that this is just a phase that will soon pass.

Sounds familiar? Well yeah, that was off a magazine from the horoscope page.

Read those sentences again, I mean, how diplomatic can one get? ‘Only your own dedicated efforts will bring about any of these changes you’ve been hoping for.’ Since when did someone else’s effort truly pay off for you?

Randomly a horoscope writer (if they call themselves that) just feels that ALL Librans will face a crisis at the same time? Is that even close to believable? We need some serious reality checks here.
And if you are a Libran who's going through a crisis
‘Oh, whatta coincidence!’

Its most common when optimistic things are written about you for the day/month, the human mind is such that it connects to things that have or are going to occur, simply because we are greedy for happiness. Who isn’t?

Another aspect horoscopes talk of is the attempted matchmaking stated. Ariens make good partners with Pisceans, so if your already married to a Taurean and leading a happy life and are convinced by horoscopes, your going to divorce your spouse and go Piscean hunting? Or are you going to live the rest of your life under the shadow of we’re-not-made-for-eachother-no-more. *boo hoo*

Well its another that draws itself down to the matter of faith, if it makes you happy to believe that random words strung together by a bored writer which coincidently might come true. Good luck with life.

In my opinion though, horoscopes are bits of pointless matter written to fill up empty spaces of a newspaper/magazine. They scare me. What are they doing to half the world that believes this baloney? Very scary.

p.s: No offense to jobless horoscope writers who can’t come up with better things to write about.

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