Tuesday, 31 July 2007

25 things.

"Make a list of 25 things that you want to do before you die. and keep it with you, wherever you go"
-author unknown

Found this post on another blog, thought I'd make a list too.

So here goes-

1)Talk to a shining star so far. (Okay, this is already sounding like a poem! Ugh!)
2)Get a diamond dust massage.
3)Drink the purest of water straight from a spring.
4)Learn to Salsa
5)Sit in a formula one racer's car.
6)Experience frozen rain.
7)Breakfast in Rome, Lunch in London and dinner in New York.
8)Sleep on clouds.
9)Dance to the song of moonlight.
10)Act in a movie.
11)Float in a bubble.
12)Touch hearts.
13)Save someones life.
14)Walk through a snow willow.
15)Be an idol.
16)Get lost in the dark with someone I love.
17)Ride a tiger.
18)Listen to the sunshine.
19)Kiss a baby's foot.
20)Right now, meet someone. (Sorry not gonna disclose that, that someone who reads this would know.)

25)Fly into the clouds and never return.

Leaving some for later. Theres so much more to even think about.

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