Tuesday, 5 February 2008

A tough blue choice

2008 has something really exciting for the US of A. The presidential elections, an event that no other can supersede.

The Blues are in a fix and the Reds seem to lag behind.

The democrats have a choice of their all time favourite prejudices- Barack Obama, an African American and Hilary Clinton- A nightmare of a male chauvinist. Really left feeling ‘blue’ are we?

On the other side the Republican boys, John McCain, Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee seem to have created a lower league for themselves almost as if they’re allergic to newspapers already. Buck up boys.

Who will the Americans choose? A woman? Or a black? It’s a tough race, a hard competition. As for the current status on the polls, Hilary has her loyal support of white males, women and union members. As for Obama, he has managed to cut across race and gender and appeal young voters.

Obama, my personal favourite seems to have an upper hand over here. He’s young, influential and not really ‘black’. Sounds like rubbish to you? Well, it’s like this- His father is African and not black American and this disparity apparently makes the white Americans deal with them differently. However, in the end it’s all about what you see- Colour.

‘Obama, the first black president of the United States’ – A headline quite likely to be seen by this coming November.

With his concept of the ‘boomer’ generation (who sapped USA into wars at one time), he sculpts Hilary to be just ‘so yesterday’.

In this race v/s gender contest, is it going to be the ‘First’ lady returns or a ‘black’ to the ‘White’ House? Let’s wait and watch, until then, all hail irony!

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Mathew Mammen said...

i hope obama wins, it will be a nicer sight to see a black man in a white house rather than the former first lady as the first lady and the former first man as the....now this is where im confused will bill clinton become the first lady or the first gentlewoman or was it first gentleman or first man....man it would be soo much easier if obama wins. VOTE OBAMA!!!