Saturday, 9 February 2008

Brain Dump.

You've met me, its time you meet my alter ego. He’s Dave. He begged me to put up some of his thoughts. It might just not get across to you too well. Its just this thing we have going on.

Over to you Dave.

Mood: Fractured

Still. The land is still. Not a soul stirs. All is stoic. Lifeless is the trend. The dancing silence in the air plays a constant drill, jarring in my ears with the quiet insignificance.

My mind ponders along the coast of my sea-bedded thoughts, where motives play fierce waves that resemble those of running horses. The gush and force hit the softness in the sand leaving a trail of wet clumps and dry moulds.

Into the den, the hearth of my mind space sits a beaute of a silhouette in a vintage posture feeling the kindling fire fill the chamber of introspection.


The sullen media of breath was intervened by the constant distraction of a mental bulb.

blink on. blink off. blink on. blink off.

An idea so bright, incandescent, yet so inconsistent. The inconsistent consistency of my musings caused a strange reincarnation of a very significant insignificance.

blink on. blink off. blink on. blink off.

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