Monday, 21 January 2008

Winter be gone.

Winter is winding up; it’s been a harsh one on our skin this time. I’d like to acknowledge my dear darling necessities for keeping my outsides supple as ever.

With the talk of dry, flaky and chapped exteriors, count me out on it.
My ever-loyal, skin loving, two things I absolutely can’t do without, have made me love them more this January!

Soft, glowing, radiant skin in winter is something only achievable with pan-caked layers? You’re getting it wrong; let me introduce you to the duo that works so well together.

Vaseline- Lip therapy with Aloe Vera and the Aloe Vera Body Butter from M&S, two that totally heed your skin.

The Vaseline Lip therapy- This economical pocket sized wonder, is a smooth yet thick textured jelly lured with a hint of aloe.
Just a dab a tad on your index and slide over your lips, before you can lick, you’d have forgotten what chapped lips are.

It works great as a base under lipstick, and as well as a lip gloss too, that takes care of your lips while soothing the dryness out of them.

It just says lip therapy on it, but there’s no harm in exploring a bit is there? Well let me fill you in on some tips;

-For your cuticles, it’s like a 5 minute manicure!

-If you’ve lost your eyebrow pencil, don’t be scared to smear some on!

-Try taking a cotton swab and using it as a base coat for mascara and you’re lashes won’t fall out before you know it!

Lastly, this is one of my secrets I’m willing to share; it’s on par with the Garnier Pimple Control Pen as well!

This Vaseline is not just another lip balm! Apart from the aloe in it, this Norwegian petroleum jelly is to swear by!

As for the body butter, it’s a natural green floral fragrance with cucumber and aloe vera blended with traditional water fruits and flowers. This luxurious body butter puts any other moisturizer out of business.

Tip: It works best on moist skin.

These two body basics, saviors and friends in need, do wonders and make you want to fall in love with yourself (again!) I think it’s the aloe that’s the complete turn on, or maybe it’s just me for being the biggest aloe fan.

Kissable lips and ‘googly woogly woosh’ cheeks, it’s the best that can happen to your husk.

If you still are in the era where diamonds are girls’ best friend, you haven’t met these smoothers yet. Oh and boys, don’t hesitate either, ‘cause I have already made some of my lads pick it up! Equip yourself for winter ‘08 and feel it to believe it!

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Anonymous said...

No thank you madam, I'd rather stick to fair and lovely. Also, you should break an egg on YOU'RE head, it will do wonders!