Monday, 21 January 2008

My new Fetish. Rawr..

Disclaimer: The content that is being presented is purely only of imitation and not in favour of animal culling. Animal activists, go find someone else to cull.

The prints are on the prowl and looking wilder than ever. Whether its acknowledging a zebra or a big cat, the white and black, or the glowing orange, nothing speaks like a sexy animal print.

No doubt it looks better on a majestic tabby, or a coy looking mule, its harmless if we like to remember them once in a while is it?
When they're hibernating, (although only bears and co. hibernate) just to keep the animal spirit high, these prints are the sweetest aid to doing it.

When you're in for something 'wild', why go to a poorly maintained zoo to see the beasts suffering? Rather just open your wardrobe and strut something on yourself!

A friend of mine the other day, (who hates animal print) called it plagiarism. It was a funny thought at first, but really quite the truth. A tiger should have the all rights to go patent his/her print. But then again, born speechless, let alone claiming rights, they can't possibly even flash a thought.
Well, this is my bit to them -

Dear Animal,
Your appearance has influenced me so much and I love the way you look. You're the trend setter and I take no credit for it. *pinky promise*

Love, Someone who loves your look.

I know thats not going to reach them, but I'm sure they feel loved and looked up at when they see a superior race looking like them.

Don't have a wild side? Want one? Just wear one.

1 anything but sweet nothings::

Anonymous said...

Dear Animal,

What makes you think you're a superior race? Judging by your posts, you are still in the process of evolution.

Pinky promise.