Saturday, 13 February 2010


Her soft curls hang loosely over a bare shoulder, the nude chiffon wraps tightly over her bosom, falling free, subtly accentuating each curve. As she waltzes in her relaxed shallow wedges, the soft sun sweetly falls over her fruity face.
She’s the summer of ’10. Gentle prudery.
Très chic.

Be a Marilyn Monroe in the summer breeze. Adorn yourself with a second skin that almost doesn’t let you feel it. Employ the beauty of georgette and chiffon that read comfort and sophistication. Add sheer fabrics to décolletage and bring hemlines down. Peek-a-boo sheers, sleeves and more modest, less revealing cuts are what we now see.

Before reminiscing on the summer of ‘69 do away with the print and go easy on the palette. With blush, bronze, rose, and sheer fondant hues, make your attire your new complexion. Do not forego white or black. They are and always will remain the new Black. However, if you still have memories of a usual bright and zippy summer left behind, thank Michelle Obama. Mimic the first lady’s citrus tones.
If there’s anything to load yourself with, it’s got to be sunscreen. Touch it up with peach cheeks and a clear fruity smile.

When the sun is asleep; mirror her (especially if you made a pass on the child-bearing hips): Over sexy lingerie, pull up a curve-fond, high-waisted skirt, and club it with a tucked in, fitted shirt. Sensually button down a few and slip on those Manolo pumps.
With variance in texture, ranging from a fitted Edwardian ruffled shirt, to a smooth hugging skirt, you’ll be the apple of everyone’s eye.

Skeletal size 0s, should decide to hide away in a closet and doughnut their way up a size. Layering is gone with the wind of winter. Asymmetric drop drapes, ‘60s A-line shift dresses and strangely roomy jumpsuits is now the zephyr that is blowing.

With the sun shining overhead, battle it out and strut your shine too.

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