Saturday, 21 March 2009

Ignorance is not bliss.

This afternoon I sent out a simple text message to my whole address book;
“Have you got your voters ID yet?” And the ghastly replies I got completely mortified me.

“No, why?” was the most common reply; which got my blood boiling at two stages. At first when I saw the ‘No’, and then again at the ‘Why?’

“No.” this brutally honest, undaunted answer, isn’t going to answer any of your questions that sound like, “Why can’t the government do anything about the potholes?” or “Why can’t the government ensure more security to avoid moral policing?”
Who are you asking? The government? Which government? The one YOU didn’t vote for?

And, “Why?”

No, really, was I just asked that by 90% of the people who replied? If you’re living in an opaque, soundproof bubble, you are excused. It’s surprising how oblivious educated, up town residers can be.
With the elections round the corner, and the ceaseless, persistent awareness campaigns going on like Lead India and Jaago re, you really have wild courage in you to ask a question like that.

If you’re one of those inexperienced citizens of India who think the procedure of getting a voters ID is difficult, let me enlighten you to know that it’s not.

1. Print out Form 6:

2. Fill it up and submit it to your Electoral Registration Officer, who will give you Form 001 to fill up.

3. Go to your Designated Photographic Locations (DPL) and get your photograph clicked and voters ID made right then.

Tip: Go around 6.30pm to get your photograph clicked if you aren’t passionate about waiting in queues.

Of course, I will have to consider the some of you who are of the stubborn, undutiful citizen kind: all your silly debates against voting, are only going to improve your futile argumentative skills; a sweet suggestion would be to bin them.
You know deep down under you are wrong so just go ink that finger.

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