Thursday, 11 December 2008

Don't bother decoding.

4:36:21 PM Beauté: Yes sir, how may I help you?
4:36:53 PM Superchrist: 2 double veg burgers,1 coke and some fries
4:37:00 PM Superchrist: please
4:37:25 PM Beauté: Veg burgers? No can't do.
4:37:42 PM Superchrist: just pray to me baby
4:38:14 PM Beauté: .. Amen.
4:41:41 PM Beauté: Okay, now go climb the sky
4:42:02 PM Superchrist: im alredy on the subway to venus
4:42:48 PM Beauté: Pick me up? I'll wait at Marrianna's trench.
4:43:25 PM Superchrist: going via guernsy city at shoreside vale
4:44:15 PM Beauté: Do a sweet favour and buy me bubblegum toes.
4:44:47 PM Superchrist: alright honey if it removes your woes
4:44:57 PM Superchrist: but dont act like those other whores
4:45:12 PM Superchrist: they work at those petty lil stores
4:45:22 PM Superchrist: beside the bayline shores
4:45:33 PM Superchrist: pretty little diddy snores
4:46:44 PM Beauté: No, no, my child, the possible is impossible.
4:48:03 PM Superchrist: and vice versa
4:48:40 PM Beauté: Praise the lord, halleluiah
4:49:09 PM Superchrist: its hallelujah btw
4:49:20 PM Beauté: Jah Jah


Jet: Ugh. I feel so allergic to boys right now it's not even funny.
Tess: Why?
Jet: They're like foreign creatures invading our territory who don't even look or smell good.
Tess: Any specific foreign creature?
Jet: No, the whole testosteron race. Ofcourse, exceptions aren't forgotten.
Tess: Say more;
Jet: Pulse.


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